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Monday, May 4, 2020

Something for the season. I know we're all stuck inside but the best part about it is...a lot of people are filming/video conferencing events online. I have attended a few webinars, completed a few interviews, attended funerals, baby showers, even weddings all from my living room. Even though I'm not in the room I want to give off energy like I was there in person. I know these times are difficult but this how I overcome the feeling of being distraught or alone. Even if you are single and dating, those facetime chats should be full of personality and style.

The best part about LuLu's is that the shipping was super fast! Even for COVID times, I was impressed with their service. My heels came and they were lifting at the toe box and when I tagged lulu someone got back to me ASAP! They were so kind and let me know that I could send the product back at no cost and they would send me a new pair. Honestly, I'm so busy I don't have time to care about such little things. I'm an essential worker and I'm trying to balance work and life at the moment. I appreciate their kind offer but I would rather spend my time completing my work. 

Overall, I love this dress! I'm a pear shape and the best dresses for me are a-line. The linen type of material makes it so breathable and the color is simple and romantic. I pulled my sleeves down to give it a little more sass. The block heels are extremely comfortable but I just prefer real leather I can scuff up. PS - I only wear heels when I'm in the office outside of the office I wear slides/sandals or a sneaker.



How are you? (I really want to know, times are hard and if no one has asked...I am. Tell me below in the comment section). Also, Would you shop at LuLus? If so what would you buy? Do you like this midi dress? 

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  1. Very beautiful content! Keep posting these fabulous looks! Continue to be great and I wish you much success with your blog ❤️


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