Diversity Specialist | founder | mentor | #POCINTECH | Curator of BLACK LINKEDIN

Patricia (Sonja Sky) is a Coordinator and Database Manager, by day, and Talent Source Specialist and Diversity Lead by night. She's been building, supporting, and maintaining teams for the past 10 plus years in Higher Ed and Technology. 

New York Times featured curator behind #BlackLinkedin promoting, amplifying, and supporting black voices on the platform.

A newbie to the Tech industry, operations professional, she's challenging what it means to be a POCinTech. With the goal to raise social capital for non-traditional hires, she created Newbiesintech.com a peer community and career development platform. A platform where Newbies to Nerds can gather and grow together.

Lastly, Sonja Sky is a content creator behind, The Androgynine Life, a workwear to weekend fashion blog providing trendy content that's both dapper and chic. She serves up "curvy girl realness" in the workplace while giving her tribe of readers a dose of what it means to be fashionably tech savvy.

She is a double degree-holding Liberal Arts Major with a B.A. in - History (2011) and an M.A. in - Humanities (2016).  
Certified Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion specialist in the Workplace  (2021).

For her resume and projects please look at her Professional Linkedin + Influencer LinkedIn.