Diversity Specialist | founder | mentor | #POCINTECH | Curator of BLACK LINKEDIN

Patricia (Sonja Sky) is a medical school Coordinator/EdTechie by day and Talent Acquisition Specialist/Diversity Lead by night. She's been building, supporting, and maintaining teams for the past 10 plus years in Higher Ed and Technology. 

New York Times featured curator behind #BlackLinkedin promoting, amplifying, and supporting black voices on the platform.

A newbie to the Tech industry, operations professional, she's challenging what it means to be a POCinTech. With the goal to raise social capital for non-traditional hires, she created Newbiesintech.com a peer community and career development platform. A platform where Newbies to Nerds can gather and grow together.

Lastly, Sonja Sky is a content creator behind, The Androgynine Life, a workwear to weekend fashion blog providing trendy content that's both dapper and chic. She serves up "curvy girl realness" in the workplace while giving her tribe of readers a dose of what it means to be fashionably tech savvy.

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For her resume and projects please look at her Professional Linkedin + Influencer LinkedIn.

She is a double degree-holding Liberal Arts Major with a B.A. in - History (2011) and an M.A. in - Humanities (2016).  
Certified Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion specialist in the Workplace  (2021).
Registered Scrum Master (2021).