H&M Lemon Kaftan Dress | Fitting Room Confession

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

COVID has us locked inside so my normal fitting room confessions have been put on halt. Instead, my closet has become my dressing room with the same, if not more, transparency. Let's just say those brick and mortar LED lights hit differently than my yellow light bulb. Either way, I'm here to bring you the latest livingroom fashions for quarantine time. 
This amazing long gown is beautiful. The color just pops on my brown skin. The belt is leather which usually costs $100 at other stores was a steal for me on sale for $20! The sandal heels, not leather, were a sexy selection and an excellent fit for everyday chic. My favorite part about the heels is that it is not a stiletto it's actually a block heel which gives support to my weak ankles. The bag is a great way to say, hello there, I'm on vacation.

I was planning on taking a trip this summer once my contract ended. I wanted to spend some time walking through museums, reading my favorite book, eating ice cream, or sipping lemonade. None of that is going to happen anytime soon because I'm an essentials worker so my time is limited. For now, I can only dream of when the outside world opens back up and I can grace the sidewalk of the Strip with my attire.
Can we talk about shipping times? the delays are killing. If' it's not from your state/country, expect to spend 15 days waiting for your items to arrive. I know, it's not that serious, we need to protect essential workers - hell I'm an essential worker so I get it. But, 15 days to get packages is a harsh reality when you have to return things. If you haven't checked out my IG stories you can get behind the scene videos of me trying on these pieces and also the ones I place in my Shop for you to buy. Because I'm not sending anything back for it to take 15 days to get there and 15 days to get another one.


H&M: Kaftan Dress, Medium - runs large
Shoes: Zara, 37/6.5
Belt: Zara, 34
H&M: Beach Bag

Before You Go:

Would you wear this to your living room? Is this too much for your quarantine time?

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