Living Single | Review of Linen bedding from Ikea and H&M

Monday, May 4, 2020

I live in the desert and it's getting HOT here. I mean like 100 degrees at 9am in the morning. I can't have that type of stress in my life. My home has to feel like I've lived in for years. To me, linen gives off a cozy yet chic vibe to whatever room it's in. I never want my home decor to be taken too seriously. I want people to feel like it's ok to sit down and relax. When I think of my bedroom there are always some staple items that pop into my head. Memory foam, down fill, linen, and velvet. Any of those materials will automatically put you in the mood to go to sleep.

Decorating in a rush before COVID 19 hit, I was deciding whether I wanted to go with an H&M duvet cover or IKEA. I decided to go with IKEA because at least I could feel the texture of the linen and I would have it home before nightfall. I think that was a mistake. Let me tell you why I love my H&M washed linen pillow covers more.

My green H&M 20x20 pillow covers are softer. My IKEA duvet cover is rough in texture. Now, I know that you have to wash linen for it to feel cozy and that means my IKEA bedding will soften overtime when I put a little elbow grease into them. But, if you don't have to put in elbow grease don't! Beside H&M linen bedding is way cheaper and gives you a great feel and I believe due to the weaving of the linen it will last fairly long. IKEAs linen bedding is very thin and the weaving is not strong.

That's my opinion but I'm sticking to it. Sometimes less expensive isn't always good and I'm learning that the hard way. Pay the $10 or $100 more to get something nice. Don't get me wrong the color from IKEA bedding is beautiful and it's hard to find dark grey/black linen these days. But, I don't sleep directly next to it. I have a cotton comforter that acts as a buffer. If you want me to go into detail about my bed I can do that in a future youtube video. Happy to give you some affordable advice.

Overall, I'm staying cool with these items and they really bring me a lot of joy.

H&M: Pillow Cases 20x20, Washed Linen - 12.99 each

IKEA: Duvet Cover King, PUDERVIVA - 119.00

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