Elia Pool Party 2021 | Yelp Elite Las Vegas

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Being a Yelp Elite for the past 2 years has been pretty sad. I didn't get to attend any in-person events.  Well until now...


Outfit |
Swim Suit: SheIn - Cut Out Contrast Fishnet One Piece Swimsuit
Pants: Amazon - COCOLEGGINGS Women's Sheer Mesh Ruffle Pants Swimsuit Bikini Bottom Cover Ups (not for tall people)
Shoes: Zara Sandals
Bracelet: Zara
Bag: Black, Pillow Tabby 26 by Coach - watch my unboxing on Youtube

Here's my review of the event: [Read it on Yelp]

I had a wonderful time at the Yelp Elite event. This was my first time attending in Vegas and decided to go solo. I was lucky to meet some really cool reviewers and make some new friends. Kayla and the Yelp team were super informative and provided a wonderful experience. There's were plenty of cabanas and places to sit.

It did take me a while to find the entry because the personnel of the hotel guided me to the back of the hotel instead of the VIP entry next to their main pool. It's definitely a lesson for any ladies wearing heels, either get dropped off in the back or pay for VIP access.

The food was good! My favorite was the bananas dipped in chocolate. The açaí bowl was a first for me and I think I will have to try the company again on my own because I liked it. The drinks were super tasty! One was sangria and the other was just a pineapple or grapefruit cocktail. The vibe of the pool is super relaxing I could have stayed out there all day.

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