Afro Nation Vegas Chop 2021 | All White Party

Saturday, October 16, 2021

I have never been to an all-white party. My homeboy was trying to desperately get my out of the house. As I was chatting with my homegirl Ciara (Plus size blogger and long-time friend since college - as an HR business professional), I said you wanna go? She said, sure let me get dressed. An hour later we were decked out in our all-white outfits and ready to hit up Mandalay Bay Beach. 


My Outfit |
Top: Forever21 - Chiffon Ruffle BodySuit
Pants: Free people bell-bottoms - Just Float On Flare Jeans
Shoes: Zara Sandals
Bag: Coach - Cassie

We had drinks, we sang songs, we laughed, and just enjoyed being around black folks. It was really good to just get out and enjoy the little time I have. I'm happy that Ciara brought her fashion to my blog. I'll see if she'll let me tag her IG but if not, you will find her on my page.


Have you ever been to an Afrobeats concert? Whor your favorite artist?I'm always looking add good music to my life.

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