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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Let's be honest, Bottega Veneta has some of the best leather in the industry. It's silky smooth and buttery to the touch so there's no wonder why bag lovers have been losing their minds. Especially, to the point where they will drop 4k, yes you hear that right, four thousand dollars on their Bottega Veneta cassette cross body bags.

I visited the store recently having no prior experience with Bottega a sales associate got me familiar pretty quickly. They showed me this bag and I must say I was very impressed until I saw the price tag. Now, I love a good bag but my budget stops me at 3k and even that would be me saving up for an entire year.

Luckily, I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw a fellow fashion blogger share this little gem with me. She let her audience know this was a high-quality dupe! I couldn't believe my eyes. But what really got me is when she said she'd gotten it off Amazon. I said, Amazon? I rushed over and read all the reviews.

The bag was supposed to be leather. Anyone who knows me knows...I love a good leather bag. I waited a few weeks before I decided to purchase it for Memorial Day Weekend. The bag came in 2 days via prime.
[back of the bag with a chain]

The color was not the same as the photo but a tad bit darker. It really compliments my wardrobe as a workwear blogger who doesn't like too much color. 

The Issues:

I noticed when I got the bag this was not leather (it's synthetic PU leather). No way anyone would put a soft cowhide leather in an amazon bubble bag. There was no padding at all. There was no dust bag. There was no leather smell.

Once I removed the bag from the mailer I noticed there was peeling around the glue areas of the bag. I knew the quality was just not going to be up to par. 

Then I noticed the chain at the top of the bag, the two links that hold the top chain to the bag, where a different gold finish than the chain.

You can see that the right side of the corner of the bag is warped (stretched out).

If you're looking for an exact dupe this bag is not it. On the inside, there are four gold plates that attach the gold chains to the inside of the bag. In the real bag, there are eight leather buttons to attach the inside to the outside chain. That's really the only difference.

The clasp for the closure is the same as the original just doesn't have the logo engraved on the clasp or the side pocket.

The Good:

The chain is a good weight.
The material feels soft.
No one can tell from the outside that the bag is a dupe except for the peeling or the color.
The inside of the bag can fit a pretty good amount of items.
The closure is the same as the original bag.
If you get it on Prime you can have it within 2 days.

If you're looking to pick up this bag you can find it here:

It will roughly cost you $127 which is affordable compared to the 4 thousand original. It does come in multiple colors with different colored chains in silver and gold.

Would I buy this again, sure most likely in the white color or black. I wouldn't say this is my everyday bag but great for a night out or brunch. If you want to see how I style this item or how it looks on my check out my IGTV unboxing.

What do you think about dupes? Do you prefer the Bottega Veneta or the Amazon version? If so, why? Are you a luxury girl or an affordable fashionista?

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