Aerie Las Vegas #AerieReal | Private Shopping Experience

Monday, May 24, 2021

With summer being right around the corner I wanted to get ahead of some more relaxed looks. Don't get me wrong, it's a hot girl summer, but it's also time for brunch and picnics in the park. When Aerie Las Vegas reached out to me to collaborate on a private shopping experience I couldn't help but jump on it. 

Aerie has really been pushing the power of women who are confident with their #AerieReal campaign. As a Diversity and Inclusion lead I feel that Aerie (American Eagle brand for casual athletic wear) has really done a great job at showcase women in their natural beauty. None of their models are photoshopped. This really does something for the self-esteem of young girls but also grown women like me. If you just now tuning in to my blog, I gain a lot of COVID weight, and I've been struggling to get back into fitness. Aerie's store really got me excited about making fitness fun and showcasing my personality through style. If I can attach my fitness journey to the things I love the most, fashion, beauty, and tech then I will be able to grapple with the hardship. I'm all about going from workwear to week.

These two items (Right is a two-piece set that was light and airy) and on the (Left - a cozy sweatshirt set for lounging around the house).

Another thing, I wasn't aware of before visiting their flagship store on the strip was that they have beautiful products! I'm all about natural produces to help with the skin and hair. I'm definitely going to be trying out their minimal-ish beauty products which I heard go well with a casual fitness routine.


Outfit One |
Crop Top: Aerie Jungle Thrills Smocked Tank Top (medium)
Pants: Aerie Real Good Smocked High Waisted Beach Pant (Large - size up because I wear a medium)
Shoes: H&M - Twisted-strap Sandals
Fedora: Forever21
Tote Bag: Marc Jacobs Tote - Large

Outfit Two |
Aerie Sunwashed Fleece Jogger
Bottoms: Aerie Real Good Sunwashed Distressed Sweatshirt


Don't forget to check out my in-store experience on my instagram. Where I take you behind the scenes. I'll show you all the cools spots to get a cute instagram pic. Oh, of course I'll show you what I bought for my hot girl summer trip.

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