The Drop by Amazon from @SignedBlake | Springtime Soiree

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Spring is back and I'm bringing you an outfit you can wear to your company events, spring weddings, or simply a night out with your favorite person. I love the color forest green so when I saw these pants for Signed by Blake's Amazon drop I knew I had to have them.

These satin pants from SignedBlake Amazon Drop were a must-have item I couldn't pass up. I had no idea how I was going to wear them because winter was calling but these pants were giving me Springtime soiree vibes. I had a few events to attend this spring including graduation parties, graduation ceremonies, bridal showers, brunch, weddings, and boy am I missing (company picnics).

I must admit I was super lucky when I came across this Zara blouse with a similar color palette. I knew this look would come together beautifully with the touch of florals and my favorite shoulder bag made of real leather. I love to use this bag as a clutch and it always adds so much texture to my style. These strappy heels were one of those Zara finds I knew I needed. I'll admit it, I'm just not a stiletto girl anymore but I try sometimes. The whole block heel or half-block heels have given me my ankles back. I enjoy the balance of walking down the street and feeling like a total boss babe. 

Oh yeah, I change my wig again lol. I love shocking my co-workers when they can't figure out how I go from black and curly to straight and blonde. Sometimes you have to try something new.


Trousers: SignedBlake Amazon drop (SOLD OUT) but here's a (similar pair) 
Top: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Watch: Michael Khors
Bag: Zara
Wig: LuvMeHair

The month of May really took a toll on me. These photos almost did not get posted but it would be a shame if I didn't share them. I had all these plans about creating amazing content and how my team was going to execute those goals. Everything pretty much went to hell. What I thought would be the beginning of something great ended up being the beginning of taking a step back and starting from scratch. Being a fashion blogger you have to protect your mental health. If you are trying your best to put out content while still working 2 jobs it can be tough. I'm still going to do my best to put out more valuable content. I'm truly thankful for the support I have had from Jermain Edger and for the beautifully crafted pictures he's taken of me over the last year. I hope to continue that imagery going forward by putting on my passion into curating this digital space.

Special Thanks : (Photography)
Jermaine Edgar captured these amazing photos! Please make sure to check out his website and IG@evergeiv < Support Black Professionals.

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