What I'd wear to Fashion Week but for Work

Sunday, April 11, 2021

This post is coming in late. I know I know, what's a busy working woman supposed to do? I still didn't want to leave you all hanging. I saw this viral post on IG going around about what influencers would wear at different fashion shows if there weren't a pandemic. I decided to do my own take and show you what I'd wear to work if I was invited to fashion week.

There should totally be 7 outfits for each day of the week in here but this is one.


Blazer: H&M double-breasted jacket and a (similar from Zara
Top: Zara
Skirt: H&M
Belt: OffWhite
Shoes: Coach
Watch: Michael Khors
Bag: H&M Tote > really great dupe for the Christian Dior book tote. I remixed mine on my IG Live go check out my Dior unboxing.

I really try to only wear two luxury brands at one time because I feel like three would just overdo it. If there's a ton of logos on your clothes you are doing the most. Given that this was inspired by fashion week I didn't mind having the OffWhite belt paired with the Coach heeled sandals. But, for a logomania junkie like myself I always get asked....how do you wear luxury brands to work? 

I don't wear logos of the brands for the most part. I reserve my logomania for my weekends. The luxury items I purchase for work don't have logos or obvious ones because I don't want to bring attention to myself. 

Yes, I would and have worn this to work. What do people say? Nothing, most people I work with don't even know what OffWhite is or that it's a luxury brand. I'm sure someone noticed my shoes but it's Coach so no one cares. Black always makes everything look more luxurious even H&M. The tote bag is my favorite item and I have a giveaway coming soon...be sure to check out my youtube channel.

Ps - I'm ALWAYS in a meeting. No matter where I am.

Special Thanks : (Photography)
Jermaine Edgar captured these amazing photos! Please make sure to check out his website and IG@evergeiv < Support Black Professionals.

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