H&M Book tote Dupe | Christian Dior Toile De Jouy Embroidery

Thursday, April 15, 2021

I love a good dupe and I love a good tote bag. Everyone woman has been pinning over the Dior book tote or the last 4 years and there was no bag similar to it on the market until now that is.
I recently visited the Christian Dior store at Bellagio and I was shocked at the price tag of the Toile De Jouy Embroidery Book Tote especially the one I wanted which was the large size in the palm print because if anyone knows I love palm trees. The book tote was 3.6K! Yes, you heard that right and that's without tax. I couldn't see myself paying 4 months of rent for the bag. I'm just not at the point in my career where I can make moves like that. I know how to act my wage. Is it something I could save up for over a year sure but even then I would have to think long and hard.

Let's get to the dupe from H&M. What's the difference you might ask? A lot. The H&M version is in between the size of the small and large of the Dior tote. The H&M tote is not embroidered but more so a fabric. It can be a little flimsy in some area including the handles but the handles are an easy fix. The print on the bag is vintage botanical which is similar to the style fo the Dior tote. The base of the base could use a little help but both of them need that which is an easy fix with a felt organizer. 

Ok, why was I at the Dior store when I purchased dupe? Well, I went to see what the difference was and I also wanted to lux up my dupe by purchasing a toile. This is a great way to compensate for the luxury of the item. The H&M book tote is amazing and for the price I could not beat it. My main thing about the Dior book tote was the look of the embroidered vintage botanical canvas not the actual name behind it. I knew I was not going to carry this bag every day so it was easy for me to choose a dupe instead. I know people buy knock-offs but I was not trying to do that. I just wanted a palm tree tote bag. What do you think? You can see this tote bag in action on my IG stories. It was also featured in my NY Fashion Week for Work blog post. I love the toile because I use it in multiple ways, scarf for my neck, a headband, a wrist tie, or a hair tie. Some women who are smaller can use it for a belt. This is the perfect summer bag and great way to add spark to any neutral outfit.
What do you think about dupes? Do you prefer the Christian Dior book tote or the H&M version? If so, why? Are you a luxury girl or an affordable fashionista?

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