Fall Coats I'm loving this season Part 2

Monday, December 14, 2020

As if I don't have enough coats already, this year I decided to invest in another coat but with some pattern to it. I picked up this houndstooth/plaid pattern coat from Express. Something about patterns in the winter I just love them.

I saw this coat right before fall has started and I wanted to get it but kept telling myself my apartment was full. It stayed on my mind until one day I went online and saw it was 50% off and I knew I had to have it. While I was at the mall I stopped in Express and couldn't find her. I almost gave up hope when I turned to my left and there she was sitting there starring at me. I swore on my life I was a medium but little did I know this coat runs small and I had to go up one size. I'm glad I went in and tried it on because I walked around the store and people complimented me on it. [Funny story, I was doing the photoshoot and someone stopped me told me I looked great! Mind you I wasn't feeling like that but I appreciate a compliment].

[Moment of Vulnerability]
We hadn't shot any material when Jermaine hit me up and told me - it's time. I knew then I would have to face you all. This photoshoot was really difficult for me. I wasn't feeling my hair and I already been up for hours. Usually, I have my hair down - blown out or flat ironed. When I go to work this is actually how I look, hair in a high bun and dressed to the nine. COVID has killed my mood. Getting a hairdresser in Vegas is already hard but trying to get one during COVID is like wishing on a star. Usually, I would just go home to L.A. and let the professionals do it there. My sister is a whole hairstylist and I never have to worry when I'm home. Between the weight gain and the hair, I just was not feeling this photoshoot but we got it done. Big ups to my photographer because I gave him hell lol.

I like to explore trendy options on my blog. I like to showcase how people can style items that may or may not be deemed "workplace appropriate." I would like to think business women steer clear of crop tops and I don't. If you are a curvy woman like myself and you tend to wear high rise trousers then a crop top is not to be tossed to the wind. If the crop top is bought oversized or happens to fall lower on the body you can style and wear it to work without showing too much. I show you here that this faux leather crop with padded shoulders was the perfect piece to pair with these trousers.

The bag (below) is leather from Banana Republic. I love a good crossbody bag when I'm not working and just hanging out with the girls. We all know that tote bags are my THING. My tote bag with a purchase I was very pleased with. I carry my tote back to work every other day and it serves its purpose and holds many of my work essentials except my laptop. I'm still trying to find some great totes for people who need large laptops like myself.


Coat: Express Plaid Wool-Blend Car Coat Crop Top: Zara - Faux Leather Trousers: Zara - Faux Leather embossed  Crossbody Bag: Banana Republic (Leather) Tote Bag: Coach Shoes: Lulu's Kamali Black Ankle Strap Heels Watch: Michael Kors Bracelet: Tory Burch - similar


Do you love a long coat with pattern to it? How many coats do you own? Obsessed over the fall and winter? What are you wearing to keep warm? I wanna hear about it tell me in the comment section.

Special Thanks : (Photography)
Jermaine Edgar captured these amazing photos! Please make sure to check out his website and IG@evergeiv < Support Black Professionals.

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