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Wednesday, June 24, 2020 Las Vegas, NV, USA

Fall is just around the corner and with COVID eating up most of our spring and now summer I decided to skip ahead. Keep it business casual...as usual, I wanted to purchase pieces that will transition well into my fall wardrobe. I'm always in a cold office so long sleeves are traditional. To mix up my style and distract from all the nontraditional attire I keep it monochrome.

I'm a pear-shaped woman who never can seem to find the right pants to fit my wide hips, small waist,

large ankles, and beautiful legs. These jeans are from H&M totally fit the bill. I usually pick up a 6 and I did this time as well but I felt they were a little tight in the waist. I would suggest going up a size if you're bigger in that area.

The top is from Old Navy. I love Old Navy for simple finds like this. 

Everyone stops me on the street and ask about this Grey Fedora. I got lucky in the fall and spotted this in the catch-all section at Target it was $5. I also have one in red because they were the last two and I couldn't walk away from a felt fedora. I wouldn't say it's the best quality but I feel like it gets the job done.

Heels are from Zara, I swear they never let me down when it comes to vinyl heels.

My purse is suede from Zara and I bought it when I was living in San Francisco. This purse is still one of my favorite leather bags. I love the rich lavender color that adds so much personality to this look. 


What will you be buying for fall? Do you own any wide leg pants? (if so what color)? I want to buy more. Do you like mononchromatic looks? If so, what's your favorite color? I need suggestions.

Special Thanks : (Photography)

Jermaine Edgar captured these amazing photos! Please make sure to check out his website and IG@evergeiv < Support Black Professionals.

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