Fitting Room Confession | H&M Red Long Chiffon Dress

Monday, February 1, 2016

NYE 2016 I decided to pick out a dress that was elegant and sexy. I'm not one to wear red but I usually give you the same black and white and I wanted to mix it up this time. I wanted to go out with my friends and really look beautiful. I obtained so many compliments from guys about this dress, I mean they complimented the dress, so that tells me my fashion sense is on point.

I was in the H&M store right before Christmas and I keep wondering around trying to figure out what I could wear for NYE. My friends really wanted to go out and I couldn't think of one party dress I hadn't already wore. After a good two hours I got exhausted and stumbled across this beauty, a long chiffon dress in the color red that was $20. I thought to myself, what a steal!, I need to get this dress to the fitting room for a body confession. From the picture above you can see I was totally in love with this dress. I love any thing with tassels I guess and since I had my Zara fringed high heel sandals in nude at home I knew it was it.  This dress happens to be from the holiday, Happy and Merry collection 2015, by Katy Perry.

 Katie Perry in H&M 2015 Holiday collection - Long Chiffon Dress

What I did not adore - the red slip under the dress. I wish it was a short body suit, like Katy's in the picture too bad. I made due.

The best thing about this was that a student/friend gave me 20% coupon and it brought the dress down to $17.99 total. My only disappointment was that the dress was a little snug because the sleeve area was just not made for a curvy woman like myself. I believe the sleeve size stayed the same even as the dress size got bigger. I wish I could of gotten this a size up. I believe that is why they discounted it now and it's almost gone. Overall, I really love this dress and I think I'll keep it in my closet for a little if only to reminisce about the night I felt extremely beautiful for under $20!

**I really think this would be great for Valentine's Day so you might want to head over to the website and snag the last few sizes.**

I would pair this with a short necklace and some soft perfume.

You want beach wave curls, nothing to too tight or too big, because the dress is a lot.

You also might want to take it to a seamstress and get slit up the front where the wrap dress opens up. That way you give a little to get a little ;)

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