Cinematic | Lipstick and Lashes Drag Show

Monday, August 17, 2015

Cinematic | a drag show hosted by Lipstick and Lashes at Velvet Lounge in Santa Ana. The theme of the show is films and all that Hollywood magic! My best friend Michael is currently performing as a background dancer for the entire show! Due to family and friends night, he comp'd my friends and I four tickets which retails for $39 but they come with a three-course-meal! We did not get the meal with our free tickets but WAIT! that didn't stop us from drinking and eating our way into Hollywood madness. This show is worth it! You can even find a groupon deal for $33! by all means that's one hell of a steal. 

There's not wonder why they call it the Velvet Lounge...this place says chic! I had to take a snap to show you my casual couture. If you've never been to a drag show ladies, you have to go, the drag queens showed us love as soon as we walked in the door. I felt showered with compliments and even sat in awe of their makeup...can we say BEAT BY THE GODS! lol. Even though I was at a chic gay bar I felt like I was transported to New York city, nothing say Hollywood at all, maybe it was all the brick and small space of the lounge. There were at least 10 performance of different famous Hollywood movies. Shannel from Rupaul's Drag Race was a feature (That bitch slays any room)! Her performance was amazing. My photos don't do the Lipstick and Lashes Drag Show any justice. But, do enjoy them anyway.

 There was Hair Spray, Mary Poppins, The Wizard of Oz, Snow White, and so much more!

 That's my bestie!

 Let's talk food | The drinks were good! $11 for the blue berry margarita. Our group was comp'd with another because the chef couldn't get our meals out quickly. I had 2 margaritas and I wasn't even buzzed probably due my adrenaline of watching the show. Either way, the only issue was that the food didn't come out fast enough. By the end of the show all my friends had their food with only 10 minutes to eat it. I was left without food and therefore, they decided to comp my meal which they packaged up for me nicely and I took it to go. I ended up having the honey and rosemary chicken with the garlic potatoes with a side of seasonal veggies. The food was amazing! I decided I have to go back for their new show around Halloween. Meals ranges between $11 and $35.

I give this place (★☆).

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