DIY Large Art Work | 99 Cents Store Hack - Agate Abstract Painting

Saturday, August 19, 2017

I'm the kind of person who dislikes blank space in home decor. I wish I could be true minimalist but for now I like to fill it. Since I moved into my apartment I had the dream owning Agate (crystal sliced) artwork. I got the inspiration from Anthropologie and then Pinterest. I have always urned for a blue couch with pop of color around it. Finally, I gave up my dreams when I saw the Agate art work costed $250 +. One day I was in the 99 cents store when I came across a stack of minion photos that the right size for large walls. I didn't get the photos right away because I was broke. I came back a week later and they were gone! I was extremely sad. Then, one day I went to another local store and there they were again! There was only 2 and I knew it was God telling me this was meant to be in my home. I purchased them and uber'd my ass all the way home LOL. 

How you can make it for cheap:

Get a five brush set $5

Get the Behr White paint sample $4

Gold Leafing or paint $7

4 Arcylic paints $5-6

= $45 project

For 2 Large 32x24 large art works

*You might need string to hang pictures and nails

 2 Minion photos from 99 Cents Only Store for $9.99 each

 One sample paint jar of BEHR White (Matte) form Home Depot $3.98 

Brushes and scrapers from 99 cents store ($4), Brush set from Hobby Lobby $3.98 and 16 acrylic Paint set from Ross $7.

Not pictured  - Gold Leaf I bought from Michael's Craft Store $7 (had 40% off coupon). 

Mod Podge - small container I got from Michaels $1.20.

Technique - scrape method. Just dabbed drops down and smear paint in the direct you'd like for it to go. Many have use cardboard but for me it didn't work on this so I decided to try something different.

 My living room before, so boring without any art above the futon. I knew this would work 32x24.

The whole project was less than buying one Agate canvas as Target. I was really happy with my art skills. I love the fact that no one else will have same exact art. The gold leafing was the hardest part. I spent four hours doing it with mod podge. I got gold flakes everywhere! Overall, within 24 hours I had brand new art on my walls. Excuse Atticus (my cat) she's always lurking in the background.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I will respond as soon as I can.


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