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Sunday, July 19, 2015

For the second time, I took the Museum Express, a Long Beach bus shuttle ($10) to travel in and around Los Angeles county to touristy locations. I ended up going to Griffith Observatory and I really loved it! It wasn't all about the telescopes and the views of the surrounding areas on both sides of Griffith Park took my breath away. I got to see downtown L.A., Century City, and the Hollywood sign! Check out my beautiful pictures of the observatory. Just a note, I did not take a lot of pictures because it's a free tourist stop and you should get out there and see it for yourself. Entry to the observatory is free and if you want to see a show inside it's only $5 for students and $7 regular price. The show was really good.

The lawn construction really did kill the beauty of the building in the photos I took.

 High Lights

-Learning about the Sun

-Learning about high and low tides and how they affected by the moon

-Learning the importance of different rays

-Learning about the Northern Lights and how they are created

-Learning about planets and how they each have their own unique features

The cafeteria was small. It didn't have a full menu. They served the traditional California pasta and veggies. It was definately for healthy eaters. I found the kids meal to suite my tasted. I also had an amazing popsicle! Total cost for food was $11. The outdoor seating on the balcony was amazing! Right behind me was the Hollywood sign so I snapped a picture for you all. Beautiful!

I loved riding the Museum Express and I suggest that if you live in or around Long Beach you should consider taking the public transit for summer trips. For a list of places check out the Long Beach Transit Website. Just a heads up, popular travel locations book fast, so make sure you buy your ticket early.

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