Packing your Lunch: Adult Style

Thursday, January 30, 2014

As I embarked on my adulthood, I never thought I would find myself back in a childhood situation - packing a lunch. While standing in my kitchen on a cold winter day, staring at the 25 pounds I gained while working my new desk job, I decided that I could no longer eat out and I need to start packing my own lunch. What I considered to be an easy process, I mean hard could it be mom? lol. I was so wrong! I didn't have a clue what to pack in my lunch or what would last through the day.

If you're anything like me you're working from 9am to 5pm but wait, one second, I'm also in class til 10pm. So when you add that up I'm practically gone all day and sitting in a hub of fast-food. I was so tempted to just buy something and go right back to work, but I what I wasn't tempted to do what hit the gym. After packing on those pounds I had enough and went searching for a solution online. Pinterest is the mecca of all things DIY and so I found a few ideas to start off my work flow lunches. Yet, most lunches on Pinterest were designed for kids and I wanted something a little more adult friendly if you know what I mean.

So I came up with a list of basic supplies and foods that would work with my schedule. I cook everything in one day for an entire week. I know, most people can't shop every single week, but if you can then do try because the fresher the better. If you can't cook every week, then get a slower cooker/crock pot and (check out my list of meals for that). But, I love Fresh & Easy and it's a hop and skip away from me so I go there often and cook every Sunday.

For the list of my: 10 Adult Style Packed Lunches

The Basics

Lunch Bag:

The first thing you will need is a good lunch pail/bag/etc.. I would suggest a bag that is insulated and can hold at least 2 regular sized sandwich containers. The more space the better, but if you commute like I do, I would suggest getting a lunch bag with a handle. I love my lunch bag because it has different compartments for my utensils, napkins, ice packs, etc. I also love that it can fit my water bottle because my backpack doesn't have a designated space for that. If you want something fashionable I suggest going to Ross and getting a bag from there. If looks are not a concern, then durability is a must.

I own a Coleman 9-Can Soft Cooler with Liner

List of place to snag a bag:

  • Khols - FAV*/ Picnic Time® Pranzo Insulated Lunch Cooler

  • For guys*/ Nike Insulated Lunch Tote or Artifact Bag (leather)

  • Ross - There's a lot just go in store and find them at great prices

  • Target - FAV*/ Sachi Olive Insulated Fashion Messeger Bag

  • Walmart - FAV*/ Picnic at Ascot 529-NB Lunch Cooler and Container -Night Bloom

Plastic Containers:

I love the Rubber Maid set I got at Walmart when it was on sale! These are the best for packing lunches.

Also get the Cool Gear circle containers with the built in ice pack for foods like fruit or milk. It keeps the milk cold, it wont spill, and you can put your cereal in the larger container then pour and enjoy!

I also have hard plastic containers for sandwiches because I don't enjoy smashed sandwiches.

*TIP*: The number one issue I found is getting the right containers for your needs.

I don't suggest hot foods because you can just warm stuff up in a microwave at your job...if you can. If you need hot food containers go to a sporting good store for help.

Ice Pack:

I also have an ice pack for my lunch pail to also insure everything is cold. I don't suggest buying the little ones if you commute because they wont keep your food cold enough to get from point A to point B.

You can also do the sponge method where you make your own ice pack.


Get foldable fork and spoons - the best thing you could do for yourself. You can find these at sporting good stores.

Actually get a few sets of these. Buying plastic forks and spoons will start to annoy you and kill your pocket book.


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