Pop Up Styling Session

Pop UP Styling session

You're in town and you can't figure out what you wear to that nightclub or conference?

Capturing the right attention and making a long lasting impression is your priority 

Feeling confident or sexy and still looking well put together is very important to you

Simply you don't know what you wear on a day to day

This is where we come in!

Get exclusive access to your very own personal stylist.  We have many to choose from so don't be afraid to go with who you feel comfortable with.
Yes, Sonja is an expert at dressing real people. We as a team are here to help the fashion-challenged find their authentic selves and update their style at a moment’s notice. We'll take your personal style up a notch while allowing you to feel comfortable and confident. Let's get your style in order.

We will:
  • Help you fix  and update your look on the spot
  • We give you quick and easy wardrobe support
  • We help you decide what to wear and help you look your best
  • Make sure you are wardrobe approved for the occasion
  • Help you to think outside of the box
  • Make recommendations that are your best interest
  • Guide you with packing tips and essentials

Be sure to
Give and select a time slot

Give us a location
Fill out a mini questionnaire
Have your clothing pieces, accessories & shoes ready for review
If you are not sure please consider obtaining a personal shopping session
And get ready for your 30-minute style tip video chat
Price $100 per hour, Additional hour $75