Closet Cleanse and Wardrobe Audit

closet cleanse + wardrobe audit


Do you ever look in your closet and think to yourself why did I buy this?
Are you tired of living a cluttered life?
Does the thought of entering your closet stress you out?


  • Eliminate outdated outfits                  
  • Get rid what doesn’t belong and curate the most flattering
  • Show you how to create more space and develop personalized storage solutions
  • Find the gaps in your wardrobe 
  • Organize the wardrobe in your closet in a strategic organized manner
  • Show you how to update your style with what you already own
  • Learn how to use accessories to change the look of existing items
  • Help you to determine when something is ready to be donated or thrown out
  • Create a detailed list of items you need to fill in the gaps
  • Your stylist will teach you how to mix-and-match what is in your closet, creating a variety of outfits
  • Feel confident about your wardrobe selection with polaroid pictures of clothing styles   
Cost for 3 hrs $250

$50 for additional hours

+BONUS - Receive a Free Wardrobe Basics Checklist