Visual Merchandising | My First Attempt

Thursday, July 18, 2019

es, I finally obtained my first attempt at visual merchandising. It's (def.) the practice in the retail industry of developing floor plans and three-dimensional displays in order to maximize sales.

My boss walked over to my colleague and me and stated that we had a test. 

We needed to style and outfit and attempt to sell it all day. She then added, oh and change the display at the front of the store. 

Of course, my co-worker and I got right to thinking up some cool ideas. I wish there was a male manikin but ol' well this what we're working with. I decided on a print blouse and graphic tee. Given that a lot of the women who shop our store are working women or moms I wanted to give them two styles: one for work, conference, or special occasion and another for a causal day with the kids or running errands. My co-worker and I were on the same page so doing this project was a breeze. I love the way she paired the suit with a red cross body bag. The pleated skirt look is really in and so pairing a skirt with a t-shirt gave it depth. The t-shirt we select was top selling in white but we didn't want two white outfits in the front so we opted for the black version of the t-shirt.

Shoes you say? I would wear a block heel with either of these looks.
A sneaker such as Stan Smiths by Adidas would go well with the pleated skirt and kept a mom on the good feeling comfortably chic. To accessorize either look an Apple watch and some cute stud earrings. Throw your hair and bun and have some fun!

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