Jackie Aina's Pink Marble Livingroom

hink Pink! A little while ago, Youtube Vlogger and Makeup Artist, Jackie Aina asked her snapchat following to help her decorate her living room space which was really lacking in personality. I decided I would give it a go and share how I'd decorate her large living room.

Pink Marble is one of my favorite design pieces - the specific type I love is Rosa Portogallo Extra Marble. I love marble in general and find it to be a time capsule back to the Roman era. I love the grand theme of scale and size that comes from a simple pattern created by dirt and heat. Pink marble is rare on the traditional market and the pink doesn't show as much as you'd think. Marble is made of granite, therefore, the pink is a composite of granite pink quartz stone.

Because this is very rare to find in people's homes and I know Jackie loves the color pastel pink I thought this design would really reflect her true love of the color but also showcase how unique she is through her brand.

A few key elements I saw in Jackie's place, were arched windows, brown wood molding, high ceilings, dark wood floors, and white furniture that accompanied white walls.

These were all great bones to make a design super easy to composed. This space doesn't need anything really but a touch of personality and I hope that's what you will see here.

The room features a PINK marble accent wall, printed pillows, large French mirrors, abstract art, ostrich featured lamp, skull candle, Medusa vase, orchid, teapot, crystal candle holder, coasters, small chest, glass coffee table, pink side table, and a white sofa. There's also hidden lighting behind the French mirrors that can be adjusted.- Sonja Sky, The Androgynine

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